Saturday, February 27, 2010


A must have software for all your downloads. One of the fastest way to download considering the fact that it splits the file into number of peices and simultaneously begins the download from all the users available in the online world. Get everything you want right from Movies, to softwares, to ebooks all for free. Once you have Bittorrent you probably would be spoilt for choice. But before you start downloading a particular torrent make a check of the no. of seeds and leeches. Seeds should be more than leeches. And more the no. of seeds for a particular torrent file the better the file. There are no. of sites providing torrents for various files. The best way I consider is google the file ..Say if I need a movie I'l type in the movie name followed by the word torrent eg: Dark Knight torrent and google would give result of all the sites having the torrent of Dark Knight.

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