Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Have something on your computer that you do not want to share with other users and cant even lock Windows out, then this software does the trick for you. You can easily lock the particular folder or drive without barring overall access to the computer. You can set files to be shredded, force the computer to shut down after failed entry attempts, erase document history, the clipboard and more, and enter into Stealth mode, which hides the app's presence on your computer.

It creates a locker which can be kept in your USB drive, CD/DVD Rom. Share it transfer it and you are the only person who knows whats in it. And yes if you are worried that someone might delete the locker it self then no worries no one but only you can do it coz a locker's delete, move and rename are password protected to prevent your data.

Whats more multiple users can create multiple lockers with different passwords.


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